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28 November08:38 Testing of Fire Thermal Cameras at the Fire Module of Lviv State University of Life Safety

On a recent day, a joint training of scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department of Fire Tactics, cadets of the 6th course of the speciality “Fire Protection” of the degree of higher education of masters and employees of the operational — coordination centre of the Main Department of the SESU in Lviv oblast with involving the representatives of the company 3M SCOTT fire & safety to improve the working skills with special fire equipment (fire thermal cameras) in the conditions of a real fire at the fire module on the basis of the training ground of Lviv State University of Life Safety.

26 November08:34 Zakarpattia rescuers are cooperating internationally

While in the Svalyava region, Polish rescuers are teaching Ukrainian colleagues how to provide first aid, and as part of the implementation of a joint project "Increasing the capacity of SES operational units in the Zakarpattia oblast", implemented by the iHELP Institute Foundation; in Uzhgorod ceremonial events were held on the transfer of special equipment from the Czech rescuers for Zakarpattia fire fighters.

25 November09:15 Vice-rector of Lviv University of Life Safety Dmitro Chaliy is on a working visit to Kingston University

During the week, Dmitry Chaly, Vice-Rector of Lviv State University of Life Safety, presented 3 lectures for students of the British University and held a scientific seminar for teachers and scientists of the educational institution . During the classes Dmitry Oleksandrovych presented the results of scientific achievements of the team of the Lviv State University of Life Safety in the field of knowledge "Civil Defence".

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