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14 June11:40 Team of the Mobile Rescue Center of the SES of Ukraine participates in the external re-certification of the Polish heavy SAR in the INSARAG framework

During June 10-14, as part of the external re-certification of the Polish heavy SAR team in the INSARAG framework, the Ukrainian rescuers have been involved in the deployment of Reception and Departure Center (RDC) that is used to provide support to affected countries in coordinating the international search and rescue teams and other humanitarian assistance, and the On-Site Operations Coordination Center (OSOCC).

29  May12:49 Capital rescuers are on a working visit to the Republic of Poland

Representatives of the Main Department of the SES of Ukraine in Kyiv are on a working visit to their colleagues in the Republic of Poland. Commandant's office of Malopolska voivodeship invited capital firefighters to participate in the training during the implementation of the project "Improving the effectiveness of the response of Ukrainian emergency rescue services in emergency situations". The training began on May 27 and will last until June 2 in Krakow city.

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